Friday, May 8, 2009

Unexpected Pleasures

Green Bear is never far away

I only have time for a quick post right now. That's because we had a Green Bear emergency today. My grandson awoke to find that Green Bear's tag had come completely off, and his beans were leaking.

When he first became attached to his bear, my husband had the brilliant idea of purchasing identical ones as back-ups. It was a good plan, as we are now onto bear #4. Number one's tag is completely gone and he is beyond repairing. This morning's emergency was #3. He can still be repaired, and is probably good for one more round.

I had planned to work in my studio all day today, but the "emergency" took precendence. For many artists, one of the most difficult struggles we face is the balancing act between studio, home, family and obligations. Entire days can go awry when our best-laid plans are interrupted. For me, though, family comes first whenever possible. When my grandson needed an emergency green bear repair, everything was dropped to make it happen.

Today I am making plans for a trip out of town next week to visit my new grandbaby. I am trying to finish up loose ends in the studio, pack, find some portable work to bring with me, while squeezing in time for a salon visit and errands. I did accomplish two things this morning. I finished the new baby's "birth outfit", simultaneously creating a prototype for my line of Magic Baby baby clothes.

This outfit was made from the clothes my daughter wore in labor. Our new little grandbaby was born on the biggest full moon in sixty years, so it seemed an appropriate symbol. The skirt has an elasticized top edge, and is open in the back. I decided to design it to hang free, instead of stitching it to the onesie. This way, the onesie can be worn with other clothes, and the button on the back of the skirt can be moved to grow as the baby grows.

As my grandson watched me sew today, he said to me, "Grandma, you make the coolest things." He's four. How can your heart not melt at that? I try to make things with him all the time, and we talk about "using our imagination" when we are creating things, especially when we are improvising. Whether any of my grandchildren become artists or not, I hope they will learn from their granny to stay in touch with the creative parts inside of them.


  1. It is nice (and also not nice) to hear that all artists struggle with the balance of art, home, family, etc.
    I am the same; my husband comes first. Sometimes it is the property that gets attention. I think we must ne the most multi-tasking people on the face of the planet, to do what we do!
    Like saving green bears!!!

  2. I suppose people in all professions struggle with balancing on some level. For me, because I work it home, it is especially crucial to be able to put on my blinders: ignore the dandelions, the telephone, the dust bunnies, the laundry piles, etc. and stay focused on the work I want or need to do.
    Thanks, as usual, for your thoughts, Anne!

  3. Sometimes it's the small things that add up to the big thing of no time, but "Save the Green Bears" is a worthy objective in spite of that.

  4. Mom... wow. I love the outfit you made for Elena G, and am so excited that she gets to have the first prototype for your kids clothing line! We are so lucky around here:):):)

    Great idea to make the skirt able to grow as baby grows... and I am head over heels for the "full moon." :)