Saturday, March 13, 2010

And the Days Go By Waiting for Spring

As seen on etsy, an artwork by AmandaJean

I had a flash of a thought this morning while standing on my front porch: sloshing around in mud puddles in early spring. I can’t tell you when exactly, but it would have been in the persistent indentation in the gravel road in front of my childhood home. We had those kind of rubber boots that rose above the ankle and had an elastic ring that fastened to a button on the side of the boot. Since I was child number four of five, they were no doubt hand-me-downs, and had newspaper stuffed into the toe to make them fit.

Today, I don't want the rain, rain, to go away! I am more than ready for spring to arrive. The rain on the now bare soil smells like spring. Hurrah!
My life has been crazy busy since my last blog post. In addition to teaching three art classes at our local BayArts, I have been working with my friend Susanne to finish my daughter's wedding dress and a lace jacket. The first fitting has taken place, and this week it is time to begin constructing the jacket. Having found a lovely blue lace, we decided to forego painting the silk for the dress bodice, as I discussed earlier, and instead make the entire dress out of lovely slinky fabric with a lace covered bodice.
This lovely lace, with two different shaped edges, will cover the dress bodice and be made into a jacket.

In March, I also received a commission to create a Parokhet for a synogogue. A Parokhet is the decorative fabric curtain inside the Ark. I have been gathering fabric swatches, created an initial design sketch, and this week must create a scale drawing of my sketch, which I plan to color in for presentation.

I spent much of March gathering and tallying receipts to pull my tax information together. I am happy to report that all has been dropped off with our accountant. So glad to have that dreaded task off my list.
I hope signs of Spring are cheering you up. I hope to have time to stop and smell the roses when they bloom.