Sunday, May 3, 2009

Old Friends and Art Are a Great Combination

Susan Shie with her award winning piece The Food Scales / Justice: Card #11 in the Kitchen Tarot

I spent today in Columbus, Ohio attending the opening of the Ohio Designer Craftsman Best of 09 exhibition. I drove there with my longtime friend and fellow artist Susan Shie. We had arranged in advance to meet another friend, artist Susanne Gregg and her friend, Carole at the opening. Since both Susan and Susanne had artwork in the show, and both were award recipients, it seemed the perfect day to attend with them.

Several other artist friends were in attendance. Some are acquaintances, other artists whose work I have followed over the years. Still others are long-time friends. Not all had work in the show. In our field, it seems that artists come out just to see the work, and to be supportive.
It was a long day, so I won't write a long post tonight, but will fill you in later. It's an exhibit worth seeing, so check it out if you can. The show will also be traveling to other sites around Ohio, maybe to a location near you.
Susanne Gregg with her piece 7:35 a.m.


  1. So sad that Ohio is far away. Sounds like a great exhibit!

  2. Sounds like it was a wonderful day! Love Susan's piece; looks like it is massive!!! Can't imagine all the work involved.....

  3. Come to visit anytime, TexasRed! There is always a lot going on in Ohio. It was truly a wonderful day. Susan's piece is very large. She is working quite large these days, and has a lot to say.

  4. HI Kumquat! Thanks for the nice coverage of The Best of 2009. It's a super nice show, and the last of 4 venues will be here in Wooster, at our arts center. I really enjoyed all the fiber, and think it always looks even better, mixed in like that, with other fine crafts. Thanks again for going with me, giving me a ride, and having our fine conversation the whole way! Love, Pomme

  5. Looking forward to your thoughts on the show.

  6. Other than Susan's piece and the Red Octopus Fish Bowl (pix coming, I promise,) I found the artwork to be very subdued. I wonder if it was reflective of the times?