Saturday, March 23, 2013

Playing is Crucial for Artists

Goof off, and don't worry about the end result
Aside from creating artwork, I cannot think of anything much more important for an artist than PLAYING. Yes, you heard me...playtime. We have playdates for kids, and recreational time for grown-ups. We need set play days for artists!

Serendipity and maybe fate brought me back together recently which a group of artists I met when teaching my class Spirit Boxes, Sacred Vessels and Shrines for the very first time many, many years ago. These amazing women are now all accomplished artists, and I remain honored to know them. When one of the group was recently diagnosed with cancer, she requested that we re-form the artist group we had back in the day. These are the pictures from our first play day get together, where we played around with collage papers and paint. We were joined by another artist's sister, the fabulous Linda Lenart McNulty, and had us a time!

Fellow artists Gail Crum and Cheri Lenart Cann at play.

Jill Milenski finishes up her collage while Gail Crum searches her stash.

Old friends Jill and Cheri

No, Gail's not reading the newspaper. She is working with her collage papers!

Thanks for hosting, Cheri. Sending you love and light!


  1. This is so great:) I want a grown-up play date!!! Me, too... me, too! ;)

    1. They are so necessary, and so fun. Let's do one soon, Haley!

  2. So true. If you can't play you ultimately can't create much because your well can certainly run dry.

    1. I agree; playing also helps you maintain a certain fluidity, while you give yourself permission to explore.