Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thinking About the Fam

Granddaddy, an ancestor book
This time of year often brings memories and family issues to the forefront. For me, I can't get through a Thanksgiving without thinking of my own father, who passed away suddenly 20 years ago on the Friday after Thanksgiving. I will never forget the last conversation I had with him the evening before he died.

Last year at this time, I got word that an artist friend of mine had lost her daughter quite suddenly following a seizure. In December my daughter-in-law's mother died after two years of fighting cancer in various forms. In the Spring, my favorite Aunt died. She was elderly, but had remained vibrant until the very end. This past August, my brother died very suddenly, a week after being diagnosed with cancer. We never found out exactly what kind it was; it didn't matter, since there was nothing they could do.

Such news is always shocking and sad, and reinforces for me how important it is to live each day, express my love to those I love, and make the day count for something. Life is too fragile to do otherwise.

I have made a lot of artwork over the years around these issues, some of which I have posted on this blog. Making art, at least for me, is the only way I have found to face these losses, to begin to find meaning in my soul. 

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