Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Family Connections

T. Vickery's Boots and Shoes! I loved this ad the minute I saw it recently. Vickery, you see, is a family name, though I can't think of any T. Vickery's in the group.

You may think it strange for an artist to also be passionate about family history, but for me there is a direct connection. You see, my art is very personal, and is often about my family, my history, or some combination of the two. My piece The Day Momma Died uses physical objects that belonged to my mother to create an artwork, and to commemorate the experience of the day she died at 62.
Prayers for the Dead commemorates three family deaths which took place shortly after my mother's death.
My Joie de Vivre series is a group of three abstracted self portraits that chronicle, for me, a crucial developmental phase in my artwork. A few years ago, I made a piece about my husband using the lyrics of one of his songs.

Gayle with her piece inspired by her husband's song lyrics: I Hear Voices in my Head
Whether I am working on works for the wall or creating mixed media assemblages, my work tends to be autobiographical. It is the way I process my internal thoughts. It is what comes out when I go to that space deep inside where my inspiration lives. What inspires you?

This is an actual advertisement from Derby, England in 1816. The Mr. Pritchard mentioned is my husband's ancestor.


  1. These types of physical documents add to the "reality" of our past. They give us solid facts and a wonderful connection to those who came before. Love the story.

  2. Terry, I couldn't agree more. The challenge I enjoy is incorporating them, either physically or representationally, in my artwork. I am curious, since you work in geometrics and abstraction and color, if and how such inspirations and stories carry over into your work?