Saturday, October 30, 2010

Making Buttons: A Tutorial

In one of my September posts, I promised you a tutorial to show you how I made the matching buttons for the outfit shown there. After over a week of trying to upload the tutorial here without success, I invite you to view Making Buttons: A Tutorial on youtube.

I have added a few new pictures here of outfits I have added handmade buttons to, and will post some more later when blogger decides to cooperate. Please scroll down to see the new pictures, and please leave me a post if you try making these buttons for yourself. Enjoy.

Finally, special thanks to my darling husband for taking the time to film this for me and upload it to youtube.  film this. Thanks, baby!

A close up of the challis fabric buttons I made to match my Magic Baby Peaches and Cream top.

The buttons for my Dot Coat are made in matching fleece.

Can you see the matching button on this Lucky Star jacket? This is what I like about making buttons!

Look forward to your comments,


  1. You have a great blog here! Your line of Magic Baby clothes is great & makes me wish (even harder!) for a grandaughter!
    I really enjoyed your very straight forward button tutorial & will definitely be trying it.
    I really appreciate your recent comments on my blog & will be checking yours often!

  2. Wow, Marie, thanks so much. Enjoy reading your blog, as well. Please send me pix if you try making buttons this way!