Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Gift to Cherish

Over the years I have frequently been the recipient of fiber-related gifts from friends and family members who recognize that the item they need to get rid of is too special to just throw away. I cherish these gifts of vintage fabric, old quilt tops, cotton dresses bought at auction, or the stack of handmade infant dresses a college girlfriend gave to me a few years back.
The gift I received this week, however, is unlike anything I have ever been given. It is beautiful, and I thank you, my friend. I can't wait to create a new Magic Baby design based on this garment.

The attached cape is pulled back here so you can see the body of the front.
 I received a note on facebook from a fellow artist and hometown friend to say he had found this amazing infant dress / coat while clearing some things out, and thought I might like it. I had no idea what to expect, but told him I would take good care of it. When the package arrived, I opened it to find this beautiful hand-stitched baby garment. Since I am not exactly sure what to call it, I thought perhaps you, my readers, might have more knowledge than I do. Here are the pictures:

This is the front, which features a two-button closure, beautiful embroidery and an attached capelet.

The capelet and the embroidery are on the back of the garment, too.

Look at this beautiful detail!
I carefully cleaned it, but some delicate staining remains. Everything is hand-stitched. It feels too heavy to be a dress, but it is definitely sized for an infant, as evidenced by the length of the sleeves. Because it is so long, I wonder if it may have been some sort of christening gown? The material is heavy and canvas-like, leading me to suspect it is a heavy muslin or a type of homespun. I look forward to your observations!


  1. From my travels to antique seems like a Christening gown of sorts. No other info I can relate, but look forward to seeing if anyone does know exactly! It is beautiful.

  2. Thanks for your insight, Jen. I would agree, even though I've never seen one with fabric this thick. It feels more coat-like. I'll show it to you when I see you!

  3. Hi Gayle!!!

    Nice to see you pop in, in all your *spare time* (tongue firmly planted in cheek!, I have none either--still straggling on this massive commission and getting over a week of sick. Pfffft!
    Hope you're doing well--I have been lax at keeping in touch with folks. My bad.


  4. Hi Anne,
    Popping up is exactly how it seems, doesn't it? It's hard to keep up with it all, but we keep at it : )