Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Busy Is as Busy Does

What have you been doing this week? I hope it involved some pleasurable activities, even if it involved working for money.

My week started last Friday. Since I watch my grandson two days a week, in the middle of the week, I try to think of those days as my weekends, a time when I relax, try not to think about the work piling up, and play with him. The most pleasurable activity in my week, then, was last Friday night, when I went to a concert: two acoustic guitars, microphones, amazing harmonies, lots of friends and family present. My husband and his partner played for two and half hours, and it was really fun.

Chris and David brought down the house. Photo by H. Kimmel

Other than a quick visit with a visiting brother-in-law, I worked like crazy, launching my new line of Magic Baby clothing. I am tired, and have not had much time to write, so I'll just post a few pictures for your feedback. I had planned to put these on my etsy store immediately, but they keep selling before I have a chance. That's a good thing, trust me!

Magic Baby poncho, fits up to 30 pounds

Magic Baby Watermelon Garden dress, 12 mo. size

These dresses are really cute, if I do say so myself. They are completely reversible, two dresses in one, and size adjustable (at the shoulders), so they can be worn for a long time. I love the shaped edge bottom.

Detail of shaped edge from the Magic Baby fruity flowered dress, 18 mo. size

This one also has a really fun princess-y back bodice embellishment.

The third item in the product line are my snuggly Magic Baby double flannel blankies. The are super-soft and lightweight while still being cozy, cute and practical.

So that's my week at work. I am currently enjoying my weekend.


  1. I am so inspired because I have a grand daughter who is six months old and I am wanting to make her a cupcake dress...I just need to stand still and stay home for a bit. Tomorrow we will visit Ken's 89 year old Mother but I hope I have the energy when I get home to finish my Disco project...another project and the cupcake dress. Enjoy your time with your family! Mary Helen

  2. I'm glad you were inspired! A cupcake dress sounds lucious, and you will love it once you get going, and time to relax. Have a lovely visit!

  3. Thank you for your gentle nudges...I do understand that once I am engaged with my heart...I am on the right path. Life has been very focused on living in the present with the gifts of family. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. Oh, Mary Helen, you are an inspiration to all of us.