Sunday, August 9, 2015

Being Where You Need To Be and Other Plans

As John Lennon wrote, "life is what happens when you're busy making other plans." Planning, in and of it self, is fraught with danger, and life often simply does not cooperate.

And so, that is how my spring and summer went: plans gone awry as real life took over and went sideways. How appropriate it was that I picked an old circus book to use as a journal for the summer. Life has been like a three-ring circus! As a result of care-taking demands in this circus, I have not have much time to make art.
Sometimes, there is only time to juggle the many things you need to do. Don't be discouraged. Remember, this crazy time isn't forever. Do what I do, and squeeze art-making time into your day. I have been organizing, finding and finishing up already started pieces that don't require a lot of thinking time.

This is the "in progress" front cover of an assemblage I am finishing.

I am so grateful, too, that I have a supportive group of artist friends. We meet almost every week. It is something to look forward to, and an appointment to think, be and make art.


  1. Your post is the along the same lines as my post today! I was just about to write a post about other things keeping me from the studio when I saw yours. Great minds, I hope! Always love what you have to say and wish we lived closer together.

  2. So cool, Clare. I just saw your post, as well. Love the new piece you're working on, too! Being next door (or farm) neighbors would be awesome! Maybe in my next life :)