Thursday, January 30, 2014

Back at Last

Gayle's TagTalk card, one of many created over the decades from
upcycled materials. See more at NoMoonNight
Back at last ... yes! I cannot begin to express to you how happy I am to have access to my blogs again! Special thank yous to Haley at Blue Mountain Reiki and my husband, Chris, whose efforts thwarted google's universal log-in quagmire and set me free! Hurrah!

So yes, nothing earth-shattering to report today. I am suffering from some sort of wintertime malaise that involves nausea and a muddled head in the midst of sub-zero temperatures, unusual in degree and duration even for northern Ohio.

Undeterred, however, I am so very happy to be back and to have THIS frustration resolved. Can't wait to "talk" some more.


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