Sunday, August 21, 2011

Preparing for a Show

Next week, I am dropping off some work for a wearable art exhibition, Art Strikes a Post, at Valley Art Center in Chagrin Falls. In addition to the Magic Baby Design clothing I will be exhibiting, I have been working on a few other things. Since I remembered to take pictures of this upcycled denim jacket as I went along, I'll show you the stages of development in the piece I am called Rules for Happiness jacket. Enjoy!

I started with a denim jacket with a strange cut: a cropped body shape and elbow length sleeves.
Next, I added my Rules all over the jacket using textile ink and stamps.

I added appliques and buttons, but to make the shape of the jacket really work, I added lined sleeves with roll up cuffs and a lush, purple velvet skirt. Now the proportions are just right.

I used the same fabric accent for the center back as I used for the outer sleeve additions. Think Outside the Lines, embroidered on netting, finishes off the back.


  1. Love this!!!!! What a transformation:) Well done!

  2. Thanks so much, Haley. So, shall I offer custom order upcycled jackets?

  3. What a wonderful transformation! Very cute.

    Congratulation on your participation in Art Strikes a Pose. I'll look forward to seeing some pictures.

  4. Thanks, Terry. It probably reminds of my work in the Conversations project! Off to do a drop-off at the gallery today.