Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Art of Collage Opening, Part Deux

I wanted to post the rest of the pix I have from opening night of Piecing It All Together: The Art of Collage. As at most openings, pictures standing in front your own artwork is a prerequisite : ) As I mentioned previously, there were a lot of artists represented in the exhibit, and a lot of great work. Hope you enjoy seeing a few more pieces here.

Me, standing in front of one of my larger pieces, Beauty Queen. On the wall to my left are works from Opie and Linda O'Brien, one called Sorry, and, above that, Unlock the Magic.

Two black and white collages by Jeff Kallet, being studied. These were very interesting, and almost assemblage in their dimension.

I love the stitched details in Shirley Ende Saxe's work.

More typical of Gail's work historically, here is This is What a Feminist Looks Like

These two collages, Her Cocoon, by Shirley Ende-Saxe, and Aujourd by Jeff Kallet, complement each other perfectly, and are both warrant study.

Hope you enjoyed your vicarious visit to the exhibition. Now, get back to work : )


  1. WOW! This must have been a wonderful show~~this is the type I always miss the prospectus on! (LOL!)
    Lovely work---am sure it was really stunning in person.


  2. It really is, Anne. Wish you were closer to run over to see it! You didn't miss the prospectus on this one; it is an invitational show. You should check out the National Collage Society's page, though, as they do have show info., and they are headquartered nearby...

  3. Lots of interesting pieces from strong showing of collage artists. I enjoyed it :)

  4. Awesome works and the processes are spectacular...I really wanted to attend but as you know I am still dealing with pneumonia aftermath. Lovely lovely lovely!!! Have a wonderful weekend! Peace, Mary Helen

  5. Thanks, CW, and thanks for driving : ) MH, I couldn't agree more. There are some great pieces, and I couldn't even photograph all of them to share. Also, hope your recovery continues until you are restored. Hugs!