Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Life of Thankfulness

This week the official holiday season begins. With the consumerization of our traditional American family get-together times, I have to mentally take a step back as I am reminded what these times are really about. For me, that means my family.
Since both of my parents died suddenly, nearly twenty years ago now, I have tried to embrace each day with a sense of thankfulness. Their untimely deaths taught me that life is fleeting, and that we can live assuming that there will be a tomorrow. This isn't depressing to me; it's envigorating, a reminder that I need to make "today" count for something.

This week, give it a try: stop wasting time worrying or engaging in activities that do not bring you joy. Focus your thoughts on those you love, and those who love you. Think about each thing you do, each conversation, each moment in the day. We all have choices at our disposal, and that choice may be as simple as reframing our thoughts in a positive way. I'm not suggesting a pollyanish approach to life. We all have real problems we are facing, and struggles to overcome. Still, we can bring love to each day by simply thinking about it. The human brain is miraculous!

So, for me, this week represents a time of focusing my energies on my family. I will be traveling a long distance to be with loved ones, dragging my sewing machine along so that I can fix curtains (a requested act of love.) I will be bringing handmade presents for a two year old granddaughter. I will be making homemade pie as a gesture of love, and joining in the FamJam, our family music time when guitars come out and all voices are welcome.

I wish all of you a week full of love and thankfulness. What will you be doing this week?


  1. Great advice:) The practice of appreciating each moment and cultivating joy is truly amazing. Can't wait to see you:) :) :)

  2. Thanks, HB. It a lifelong attempt, but worth trying, for me, at least. Sending hugs!

  3. Oh, I love this post---it is so timely, most seriously! You have no idea....
    And---I love that apron. (wish I had the pattern!) Yes, I still wear then all the time; in the studio, in the house. I am a throwback!
    Have a great week---and many smiles.. :)


  4. I am glad it struck a chord with you, Anne. Oh, and I love that apron, too. I found it in a library book@! Happy wishes for a great week.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Gayle. Your family sounds like a warm and loving group and I'm thinking you are one of the Hubs of that wheel.

    Love the Bluebird Apron.

  6. Tweet, tweet : ) Wish I had one like it, too! I do have a lovely sashiko embroidered one my Japanese students gave to me. Maybe I'll bring that.
    And yes, we play the "hub" role in the family, and we like it : ))))
    Hope you have a nice holiday!

  7. Lovely post from a very lovely pie maker is just adorable. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  8. Thanks, Mary Helen, my "hero" of sweet and kind : )