Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This Way, Please, Part 1


Ah, yes, this way, please. I love this journal, because I treasure my collection of "body parts" images, snapped by my husband at my request. I use them all the time in my artwork.

I am teaching a journal making workshop here locally next month, on October 2nd. All students (young adults welcome) will learn how to make a hand bound Japanese stab-stitch journal. In addition, we will discuss journaling techniques, and I will get the class started by showing them (this could mean YOU) how to "consecrate" their work.  The picture below shows a detail of the binding technique, which I have utilized on one of my own personal journals.

Last Friday was a rare "out of the house" day for me. I get so busy working, that sometimes weeks go by in
which I realize I haven't seen any people...and I'm a Taurus!! Believe, this can be painful. Anyway, my
artist friend Gail Crum and I made a studio visit last week. We talked art all the way there and all the way home, a total of three hours in the car. We also talked art while visiting the artist studio, of course, and we were joined by another mutual friend for lunch, so I got to talk books, as well. It was a lot of fun. Clare Murray Adams and I have been friends for a long time, and our creative paths have aligned themselves through sheer destiny, it sometimes seems.

Here is the door to Clare Murray's studio:

 It was such an inviting and inspiring location. Here is some of what we saw:
                                         Zippered rocks and zippered sticks:

                                   and a cool collaborative project Clare is doing with Oberlin artist Rebecca Cross:

And all of this before lunch! More to come in This Way, Please, Part II.


  1. beautiful stuff as always, momma:) your workshop sounds fun!

  2. Love the journal! And good to see you in blogland again, even for a brief moment! Lucky you, being close to other inspiring studios..... ;)
    Hope you have a good one~~the journal project sounds so interesting!


  3. Thanks, Sinker Squid / HB! You know how I love my journals. Anne, this is one of my many journals, but I especially love the personalized cover on this one, even though you can only see part of it here. It uses more "body parts" photos.

  4. Love this, Gayle!
    Sounds like a fun day and good therapy for the housebound artist.

  5. Thanks, Ginny! It really is a great way to spend the day, and clear the mind for new inspiration. I love your term the "housebound artist." I think you should patent it. I'm going to post it on facebook.

  6. your journals are really cool - I'd love to hear more about what "consecrating" the journal is :)

  7. Thanks, Kimmie. I should do a post sometime with all my journals! After the workshop this weekend, I will post one of my "consecrating" exercises, and maybe I can show some of the student examples. Stay tuned : )