Thursday, August 26, 2010

Marshmallows...As a Food

I really wanted to do something meaningful today. I just can't get my head straight to work and be creative. Today, I just feel like sleeping, or reading quietly, or doing something that does not make my head hurt.

That is how I came to be looking through some old files on my computer, and ran across this delightful picture, an ad for "Cooking and Eating Dilling's Marshmallows" a food. Since there are no instructions included, I have been half-heartedly thinking about a) a food and, b) how one might go about cooking marshmallows. The only way I know to cook them is to roast them over an open fire. In my mind, that is not exactly "cooking." That is, in fact, only roasting: charring the outside of the marshmallow until it threatens to drip off the stick.

If I had a bag of marshmallows right now, I might be tempted to just sit and eat them. That is how I feel today. Being a creative person is hard sometimes. I think this is, in part, due to how the creative brain is wired, and how sensitive it seems to be by nature. That sensitivity occurs in at least two forms: internally and externally. The creative mind is internally sensitive, because it is highly trained, and perhaps inherently so, to pick up on cues, to interpret information differently, and to set to work playing around with that information. A creative person is also sensitive externally. By that I speculate that creative people are sensitive people, who respond with heightened reactions (overly sensitive) to external stimuli. When this happens, we feel burned out, empty and unproductive. That, at least, is how I feel.

How I long to go into my studio and make something. I just don't have it in me today, and I've decided not to fight If only I had a bag of marshmallows to keep me company.


  1. Gayle, I know exactly how you feel! It is frustrating when these days come along and equally difficult to fight-nurture yourself and I hope the clouds break soon and you are back to creating!

  2. Hi Susan, and thanks for your comment. This verifies, for me, that creative minds think alike. I am back on my game today, and hope you are, too. I just read your latest blog post, and think it is wonderful that we found each other in similar emotional states on the same day!

  3. How else do you cook or eat marshmallows except "as a food"? That is so weird.

  4. So right, Fickle Cattle. I guess random cultural ephemera is...well...just weird out of context : )
    Thanks for finding me. Love your blog!