Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fiber Art Exhibits Gearing Up for Fall, Part 1

One of the joys of looking through the mail is receiving invitations from artist friends and colleagues for their upcoming exhibitions. This is the season for new fiber art exhibitions, and this fall will be no exception. Visiting art exhibits is self-stimulating. It is also a fact that, especially in our field, other fiber artists eschew petty jealousies and competitiveness, instead appearing at openings from near and far to see other fellow artists, and to be supportive of those whose work is on exhibit.

Conversation in Fabric at the Ohio Craft Museum in Columbus. The fabulous work of artist Susan Shie graces the exhibition postcard.

The exhibition I curate, The Artist as Quiltmaker, juries in the fall, but hangs in the late spring, a time when the school year is coming to an end and we all dream of the coming summer. The biennial exhibition, the second oldest, longest-running venue for viewing art quilts in the world (second only to Quilt National) carries the pulse of the art quilt movement, both through the jurors and the exhibitors throughout the history of the show. This year's juror, Carolyn Mazloomi, will bring her own sensibility to the entries, one of the exciting things about utilizing a single juror. The entry guidelines are left purposefully flexible. We do not limit the size or offer a definition of a quilt, for example. As a result, we really receive, and exhibit, very cutting edge work. If any of you are planning to enter, click on the link to the show above, and download the pdf entry form. The entry deadline is September 29, 2009.

Opening on September 13, Conversations in Fabric at the Ohio Craft Museum was curated by Tracy Rieger and Linda Fowler of Quilt Surface Design Symposium fame. The work of twenty-five artists will be on exhibit through November 1st in Columbus, Ohio. The exhibiting artists include longtime friends Susan Shie, Sandy Shelenberger, Deborah Anderson and Barbara Lind, new acquaintance Sue Cavanaugh, as well as the wonderful work of artists such as Dorothy Caldwell, Patricia Larson, and Catherine Jeffers. Because of the incredible depth of Ohio's art quilt scene, (successfully documented in my book), there is always something wonderful to see in Columbus. Don't miss this one.

Corner Office by Terry Jarrard-Dimond, from her solo exhibit, Textile Constructions

I am currently participating in an online artist dialogue started by South Carolina fiber artist Terry Jarrard-Dimond and called Compositional Conversation. It is the second such virtual artist project I have participated in, and it promises to be a very stimulating experience. I first became familiar with Terry's work when several of her art quilts were juried into The Artist as Quiltmaker a few years ago. A stunning, process oriented artist and craftswoman, Dimond's solo exhibition at the Goodall Gallery at Columbia College, South Carolina promises to be fabulous. Textile Constructions opens September 1, so check it out if you're in the area.
My husband had surgery on both feet earlier this week. As a result of caring for him until he can walk again, my focus is elsewhere this week, and likely in the coming weeks. Look for more information on upcoming exhibitions to see in the coming days. And enjoy your feet, and your hands! I have gained a new appreciation for these taken-for-granted body parts this week.


  1. Good morning Gayle! Thank you for stopping by my blog and now it gave me the chance to stop by here and delight in your bright and colorful blog. I love the color yellow and my blog background used to be yellow. You seem very busy which is fabulous because you are surrounded by art which is wonderful. I envy your job. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Love the pic of Lucky's Obama piece---she has that unique eye that no one can copy!
    Hope Artist as Quiltmaker goes well and wish I had been able to produce something for consideration. Well, next time, eh? :)

  3. I am so proud of our Susie!!! I am going to try to enter in the quiltmaker exhibit...I am always humbled by the work out there in the universe. Cindy Myers is a quiet woman who has worked in her spin of colors anonymously and joyfully shares her voice in fiber. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. Ces, I love reading your blog, and seeing your wonderful artwork. Thanks for your thoughts!
    If any of you want to check out Cindy Myers work, have a look at Mary Helen's blog. There is a link to the right.
    And as for our Susi, no one could ever copy her. She is an iconoclast extraordinaire!

  5. Gayle is the book about susie still in the works?
    Mary Ann

  6. Thanks for asking, Mary Ann. Yes, the Susan Shie Outsider Artist biography is still in the works. My publisher, Ohio University Press, has the draft manuscript. Over the summer, I had to put further work on it on hold due to the economic situation here, but will let you know when it is scheduled for publication.

  7. Thank you Gayle for your wonderfu support. Wish you could see the show.

  8. Thanks so much Gayle!!!!! It's really kind of you to put that invitation to the Ohio Craft Museum show up! And thanks for the link!
    I'm planning FAVA's Artist as Quiltmaker, as it's one of the best shows in the country!

    Many thanks, Lucky